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Well, dunno about that ;d Messing around with the axe here, works with 1 handed sword/weapons too haha. Featuring free youtube music because i had to remove the original audio with YT editing tools. ;d
Let the boss hit me again haha at least made it be only stamina damage. Always feel like i'm exploiting when taking advantage of their openings a lot(also don't use crouch cus that's def an exploit if you ask me haha)


Roughly 50% of the population is female... and whom says pink is for woman.
I don't know, ask the textile industry why, they believe boys have to be in blue and girls in pink, also I am sure that if I dress in a pink suit at work I will have issues.
Many people may categorize you wrongly when you dress in pink as a man.


Those are all basically US centric viewpoints. In China blue is girl and yellow is boy. Pink does not equal female. The developers are in Italy I believe . I wear pink all the time and nobody questions my masculinity.


Nobody can say that Baremettle are not trying their best to appeal the girls :rolleyes:
In a medieval world, pink should be one of the most common colors amongst the working class. You're talking natural fiber cloth, most of which is going to be beige or brown to start with unless somebody takes the time and expense to bleach it somehow. Then your talking natural pigments, nearly all of which are water-soluble so fade quickly, don't come in every color, and the availability of certain colors varies widely. In the real world, red was common and cheap whereas purple was rare and expensive.

So say you've got some coarse homespun that's naturally a sort of brownish color, and dye it with cheap red pigment. Then you work up and sweat in it, or are out in the rain or even just prolonged exposure to UV light. Before too long, your clothes will be some pinkish shade.


@Greenbrog : This point of view is not only US, it is also the case in most European countries or even asian you will not see more males than females wearing pink, are you from this planet GreenBrog or are you offended in any way because of my previous comment ? o_O

@Bullethead : I agree that the serf or villein would probably have been more used on natural fiber colors, yellow or red dye was more common so we can safely extrapolate that most where wearing pinkish or yellowish colors :)
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I remember reading somewhere that medieval Europe thought pink represented courage, actually. Correct me if I'm wrong


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