The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

When did the pommel throw meme come about anyways? From what I hear is that it comes from some historical dueling manuscript, but how did it spread?


AI's own fault for attaching his melee weapon to his wrist via unbreakable strings. Would be cool if you could disarm others, though.

Pc Genie

Not mine, just putting this thing here. (video)
I know how you desperately try to gain space and get that second wind while fighting those lumbering beasts of war, but this guy is a proper coward. He runs away while his team mates are literally being killed and constantly hits ordinary combatants while they're down! A poor sport and not someone I would want on my team.
Maybe in a future we will see something like that en exanima.
There's a fun thought. I was mostly just being silly in my response, honestly. Tripping over things the way we do currently is kind of endearing to me. Makes me pay attention to the terrain and my footing, as I should! Also it makes for a good laugh when I fall over. Really neat little video though, I like what those guys are doing. :D


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