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Hey Everyone,

I should say that I am new to the forum and fairly new to Exanima and Sui Generis.
This seems like the game I've been dreaming of for a long time. I've gone through many games only to have a small wow factor at a few features and then forget about it a week later (if that) and keep on searching looking for something to satisfy my itch. This game seems to have everything I've been looking for.
Progress in terms of development is slow - but in a way I respect how much time and effort is put into it.
However with the lack of updates I can't help feeling sometimes that it's not in development anymore. (Although I know better. This is the childhood dream which is finally being built. To abandon that is to abandon your dreams. That's a bad state of mind to be in - I would feel more sorry for the developers at that point. Losing out on a few bucks seems insignificant compared to what the developers might have lost)

That being said, my hype for this game is beyond most games which are constantly advertised - but it could use a nice update at least once a year to keep people busy. (update meaning content; not verbal)

I apologize if any of these were suggested already but my suggestions are as follows:

1. maybe not simple or quick, but this is simple in thought - an evasive roll ability. If you have a shield, maybe you should not be able to do this, but if you're wielding 2 daggers and are going against a shielded enemy, you should be able to tuck and roll and get behind them. I'm sure the physics of this are harder in practice than in thought though.

2. The arena is great fun, but let's expand it to something a bit more. A wave survival.
You start off slow, beating easy skeletons which come increasingly in bigger waves. After a few, throw in an armored enemy or a specter. Then more skeletons or inept fighters. Eventually take on an unarmored sir, and so on and so forth.

3. Perhaps an interactive main menu - you have a small cabin in a small map with trees and some hills, maybe a nice creek and a little fire burning outside. Give it night and day effects as well as weather. On one side of the map lie the castle doors where you enter for the arena. On the other is a set of doors leading to a cave system where you enter the dungeons. You can always step out and bring back random items to beautify your home with and maybe even have some dummies to put some old armor pieces on. If you die, you start your cabin over. this is just a nice little touch of home to call a base and give the feeling of being in a part of the bigger world which awaits.

Thanks for reading!
dodge roll is a terrible idea. Will get you killed or knocked out as fast if you got knocked down.

this ain't Dark Souls
Fair enough, I suppose historically no medieval fighters were ever really dodge rolling.
But just to counterpoint for the sake of it - perhaps small figures with less weight could do this much faster and effectively and have more control while doing this. It would incentivise players to build smaller and more agile characters as opposed to maxing out the size.


I think that if you are skilled enough you can take their back by sidestepping while you move your cursor to the opposite side. Anyways, rolling would be a bit useless as you don't have those dark souls' inmortal frames.

I want to know one thing, the nights in Sui Generis will have real darkness? I mean, I would like to be obligated to have a torch or a light helmet on me while walking around in the night. I truly believe that the answer will be: "You are retarded, of course it will be like that!", but I needed to ask. Love the work you are doing BareMettle! :p


Sidestepping makes much more sense.

Also there is a quote somewhere from the Devs saying something about fully embracing dark environments so good chance we might get fully dark nights.
Well, I'm happy now. Anyways, I'm a bit afraid after seing the sui generis alpha gameplay, the moment she goes into the cave at the beach, the ilumination is a bit weird, like exactly the same in every spot. I know it can change but it would be a shame if not...

Dark souls... more like rolling souls.
Dark Souls 3 = Roll Out 3...
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Anyways, I'm a bit afraid after seing the sui generis alpha gameplay, the moment she goes into the cave at the beach, the ilumination is a bit weird, like exactly the same in every spot. I know it can change but it would be a shame if not...
Pretty much every single thing in the game has been changed/improved since the SG pre-alpha vids were released since everything in those vids was only placeholder stuff for demonstration purposes; this includes the lighting.


Hello guys. I would like to talk about music during the fight. The game uses a very authentic medieval music, it certainly fighting but ... A week ago I tried to play with music from the Witcher 3. And it was excellent. I have not received such emotions from the game for a long time. Emotions were as if I ran the game for the first time. The music in our game is good, but how can it compare to "Steel for Humans", "Hunt or be Hunted" or "You are ... immortal"? The music of Percival combines the spirit of the Middle Ages and the INCREDIBLE strength. From this music, blood is simply boiling. I would be happy if something like this would be in Exanima. Sorry for my English.


Guys, I had an idea ... I recently thought about the belts and remembered that it's easier to wear chain mail when you wear a belt. Then part of the weight of the chain mail presses on your ileal bones, and the shoulders are relieved. Weight is distributed more evenly, and you are less tired. So can something like this be introduced in the game? When you put on a belt, the encumbrance of chain mail decreases a little. Of course, this may seem like a senseless complication of the game, but on the other hand, the small details make the game live, and help in the dive ... probably. I also remembered Gothic 2. There teachers gave really useful advice that I wanted to listen to. So maybe in Sui Generis someone can teach you how to wear chain mail properly? Or during a dialogue, some friend of yours as if casually asks: "Listen, I wanted to know why you wear chainmail without a belt? Not the first time I see it." And you answer him: "0_O So, what's the big deal?"
"Well, with a belt is easier to wear, the weight is better distributed"
"Oh, did not know, thank you"
during a dialogue, some friend of yours as if casually asks:
I really like the idea of yours that we could unlock "bonus" stats or hints from dialogue.

This gameplay could be extended to have multiple uses, unlockable via dialogue ( and special circumstances) such as:
* discovery of hidden recipes (dye, food, potions, poison, bombs),
* blacksmith/swordsmith/crafting secrets
* hidden techniques (actual skill slots) for Melee, Ranged, Shield, etc.
* Armor / weapon hints/equipment status

if your follower notices you use a lot of potions he could hint the location of a shop or a way to make or obtain more.

Or if he sees you using a skill very frequently such as Thaumaturgy or Ranged weapons, he could share a hidden skill or introduce you to a private trainer.

Or if you are missing an important (not visible) armour slot (forgot to equip your chainmail/gambeson or leather cap under your plate armour, how many times have we unequipped the plate armour just to confirm if we had the proper layers underneath?) he can hint you to equip it or to buy it next time you are in a store.

The possibilities are endless!


Yes, yes, I think this is a good way to make communication with people interesting and alive. After all, from the dialogues you can learn a lot .. You are right, so many possible situations immediately drew in my imagination ... it's wonderful.


I like the idea of improving your character through practice (the more you use a long sword, the better you get with it), but that there are (and should be) LIMITS to this method of improvement.

To further improve, you would have to be TAUGHT something, via a scroll, book, individual, etc.

So I really like the idea of learning something through dynamic conversation. That way, to some degree, it's a "hidden" method of improving your character, and doesn't feel so.... what's the best way to explain it... so it doesn't feel like you KNOW which hoops to jump through to get from point A to point B (in this instance, point B being better at X skill). It's something that sort of organically happens.

And, going back to other methods of learning, let's say it's a book, you should actually have to READ the book, and inside the book there's maybe some sort of button combination that allows you to execute a specific strike. For example, if you have a sword and execute an overhand strike, it animates generally the same way, only differing based on how your move your character prior to it and/or during it. Now, imagine acquiring a skill book, that explains a technique in detail, which--you using your own head--figure out is a slash, slash, overhand combo. So if you practice this immediately after reading the book, after executing the slash, slash, your overhand will look slightly different, and you'll get a prompt that you learned a new skill. Maybe it's just a "cleaner", more confident overhand strike. Maybe, or in addition to, it's a slightly quicker strike and it animates slightly different.

But it's an IMPROVEMENT to your character, and if you just do a regular overhand, it looks the same as always. It's only when you execute this specific combo, you have this slightly altered animation.

I kind of like this idea, because imagine having scrolls or books that are explaining techniques, and you have to decipher exactly what you need to do to unlock this combo. It could be very vague, but not in a deceptive way. All the steps to learning the technique could exist over dozens of pages. Imagine something like left swing, slash, step to the right, right swing.

You are still manually executing all of these moves, you still have total control of your character, but if you learn a certain sequence, one or more of those "typical" animations are altered, and look different (the "difference" would be evidence of being trained on something, so maybe more precision in the strike, in the execution of movements, in your characters general "confidence", etc.). I think these skill improvement would deliver minor, but important improvements, to your character.


A great idea, but it seems to me that this system with combo, or some "improvement" of your punches will not be easy to implement. Although, how to know ... you can apply a simpler version, right. The books will simply explain how best to fight, how to properly use your developed skills, or to explain some tricks. for example, "Target with a blow from above to the right shoulder, if the enemy holds a shield, it can work" (this, incidentally, is real advice) or teachers will explain to you some particularly complex attacks. For example, I for myself "invented" such a useful thing as lunge. You put a piercing blow, but at a certain moment, you press the squeeze button sharply, and immediately release it so that the character crouches, but not completely. this allows you to get the enemy at great distances, and even beat at unexpected points, such as the knee. So, the teacher you come to explains this to you, then he shows by his own example. (By the way, it turns out that some NPCs will also know these clever tricks ... that's fine ... I hope they will soon be taught to squat?) And then the teacher gives you a sword and tells you to repeat. also gives clues, like "If you do it right, then you'll hear your sword cut through the air." Then it tells you to work out the accuracy (for example, hit a small target behind the barrier so that you can not go in. Then the target is on another altitude .. .) Then he gives you a wooden sword and you become in sparring ... Dream.
I do not know what kind of concept will be in Sui Generis, but now the Exanima is teach mostly a player, not a character. Of course, until you learn the skills, the character will fight like a sack, but most of it still depends on you ... Yes, the opportunity to improve or accelerate the impact with the help of training would be good, but you need to remember to teach the player.

Sorry for my English


I think the game needs physics of interaction with heavy objects. I mean, the ability to move them with the cursor. Now, if during a fight the torch flies away, say, under the bed, we can not do anything about it. Of course, there is no need to do so that we can lift the beds in the air and twist them, as we do with small items. I suggest using the same mechanics that are used for the physics of bodies and corpses. That is, when you drag the body, it retains its physics, its weight. You can not lift it into the air and twist it the way you want. Depending on the point for which you grab your cursor, the body will behave differently. If you grab hand, you will drag the body by the hand. The same mechanics can be made for heavy objects. That is, the objects will preserve their physics during the interaction. For example, if you take the bed by the foot and drag it to the side, the bed will turn around its axis. if you take the bed by the middle part and pull, the entire bed will move. if you take the opposite wide side and pull yourself, the bed is likely to roll over. If you pull the upper edge of the standing barrel, it will fall. if you then take the center of the barrel, and pull it on the tangent to the barrel (I hope, it is clear that I said) then the barrel rolls. This will expand the methods of influence with the surrounding world in Examin, and increase the realism. Some objects are really too heavy to interact with, But if a person so easily waves 4kg with a hammer, he will probably be able to move the bed, turn the table or drop the stillage. You can also make it possible to drag and drop some items together with your partner. For example, you tell him to take on some point on the subject, and pull in the direction that you indicate to him. That is, first you do it yourself, you show it to him, and then he repeats it for you. If you start moving in any direction, then he will follow you, and you will be able to transfer this subject. It would be quite interesting, and perhaps it would allow you to pass the level in a different way, or get a good outfit if you have a partner.

Sorry for my english


I like this idea. As it stands, there's more or less a weight threshold that if reached you can't do anything to the object, whereas anything lighter than the threshold can be moved completely freely. I think they probably will implement something similar to this, if not exactly this, to make lifting more organic.


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