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I was wondering if dismemberment is possible for Exanima? ...
I know that the plan is to include dismemberment on killing blows but as far as I know that's all that's confirmed. I totally agree though, I think destructible objects/environments add a lot to a game and would make the world feel more alive in the early early game. I'm sure adding a cheap hacky dismemberment system would be easy enough but they would definitely want to implement something with more polish and umph than a simple "you hit them hard enough and their head popped off" system so I'm definitely excited to see whatever it is they come up with even if it's only for cutting off zombie's heads and arms on a killing blow. I totally second your suggestion though and would love to be able to smash clay pots and wooden chairs, cut tapestries and cleave fleshy corruption


So here are few of my ideas:

- Vision in the darkness
- Levitation
- Speed buff
- Strength buff

Handling / options:
- Jump implementation
- Optional Shift to dash (please)
- Quick Key to switch Derrin's weapons
- Quick Key to switch Derrin between Agressive / Passive / Flee
- Quick Command to call / scream - to alert surroundings / call for Derrin that is lost (poor soul)

- Ability to make notes on maps while having charcoal / ink + quill
- Ability to upgrade quality of sharp weapons while having whetstone
- Ability to place markers on stone walls / floor while having chalk
- Derrin / Ally if misses weapon - to choose one weapon from inventory and / or pick up one if it's available
- Strong pierce / chop would make the weapon stay in body and would require a bit of effort to drag it out of flesh.
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An idea on how to implement dismemberment is that it would only occur on the affected body part during the last hit position when the RED health meter is maxed out. Sort of like a finishing move for successfully maxing out the RED meter which is a feat on it's own.


Some more slots for user-controlled and hired combatants in the Area would be nice. I like to have separate characters for each weapon type so I can fight without swapping out weapons. A second merchant slot would also be appreciated.

Also more variations in the tournament prize weapons. Seem to be always the same group that is offered.


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