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Get off the treadmill; then you won't feel this way.
i knew i shouldn't have phrased that is such a self deprecating way... i'm not even talking about grinding levels here, but you've got a game, a role playing game, where you play as a character who is learning and discovering new things. it's part of the experience. a game "that will captivate me with it's depth and complexity", and then... oh jeez i've learned too much i gotta forget something real quick. you know? doesn't that feel wrong? i've never been the type to go murder goblins for an hour to gain levels, or even sit and think about how my attributes will determine my characters effectiveness. so it's not even the dopamine i get from reaching lvl 15 i'm talking about here (though don't tell me lvl 15 isn't great)... it's the concern that there will be a limit where this is no business being one. how about instead of just being unable to learn something new, because let's face it that doesn't happen, it's just impractical to suddenly decide "hey even though i'm on this crazy journey of magic and discovery, and i'm getting old so i don't learn new tricks so easy, i'm going to spend a few months learning how to do whatever instead of pursuing the world shattering events that are happening around me". unless that's what they want to do i guess. you know what i'm getting at? and full disclaimer i have no idea how they plan to structure that aspect of the final product, or even if their plan is fully structured... no idea about techniques or secondary skills. i just want to say that if their solution to limiting a characters power in the game, or deterring players from grinding levels, is a hard skill cap, i think a serious look into an alternate solution is worthwhile.


Hi! I was wondering if mind sense is going to look like it is now in Exanima — seeing the precise location of minds behind closed doors and even their realtime movements? Because i thought it would be cool to have only a vague reading of a mood in the room when you don't know where the characters are exactly. Maybe it would be clearer if characters are closer to you behind the wall and with progression of this skill it would become more precise like it is now in the game. Or these powers are suppose to be this precise from the get go. What do you all think?


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