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hi, guys!

I know, that unique engine and physics system are like main selling points of the game, but i can't help but wonder about technical details of Exanima.
Of cource, developers can't reveal all of their tricks, but may be Madoc could share some tips, articles or literature that help a young developer to create something similar to Exanima engine? I dream about third person slasher with exanima-like fight physics, but dont' know where even to start. Don't want to mess with something like UE4 or other multi-tool for rapid development, i wanted to write my own engine core.

Thanks, any tips or opinions appreciated.

PS excuse my english, not native


Project Lead
I'm afraid I can't really recommend much literature wise, I'm self taught and I have a nasty habit of reinventing the wheel rather than looking at how someone else did it. I worked on some pretty weird projects in the past (not games) and part of the job was finding novel solutions to unique problems. Most of what I've done with our engine is stuff that intuitively made sense to me, and is fundamentally different from what other people in the industry are doing. Basically I'm not a very good person to ask. I'm sure there are many great resources out there, especially today, but I don't know what they are.

I can't say I'd particularly recommend reinventing the wheel and developing your own engine (other devs called me crazy for it). But ultimately if you want to learn the subject it's a good way to go, start with something really simple and get it working. Then you can make an informed decision about what your options are. It's good to "get your hands dirty" and actually understand the fundamentals, even if you end up using 3rd party technology.

Sorry if that wasn't very helpful.


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