Undead Tavern Meeting ... (AI Bug?)


I started from level 1 on and so far I enjoy some of the changes in the AI. But when I reached the tavern in level 2 (entering from south) a lot of undead just stood around, maybe blocking each other ...

When I entered the tavern later from the east they seemed to walk around normally ... And by the way ... Wasn't the tavern empty the last time? I can't remember having to fight a lot of undead there ...


each of the undead has unique AI. Some will just stand there and stare, even at another AI and others will refuse to get too close to others and such, what looks like happened is one that will just star forever is blocking the path of another that will not get too close to another and it can't move away because of the other that has similar behavior.

Doubt it's a bug. Probably more just a very rare occurrence.


I waited there for atleast 2 minutes and they just stood there. And I am pretty sure that the AI was overstrained with more than two undead wanting to pass the door ... Especially when everything was fine later after I brought some distance between them and me and it miraculously works again ... So I guess if you are not next to them the calcualtion works a little bit different and helped them get back on the right tracks ...

Had anybody else had a similar occurence?


I had twice. Both in earlier versions ( before lvl 4 update )
Once at the tavern like you, I think I had almost all the lvl2 undeads there, they came all by themselves.
Once in front of the lvl2 armory's door. Like 10 undeads waiting for me.

They were not blocked, they could keep moving.

In both case I was afk like 10/20 minutes with no pause.


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