Yall, are reading way to much into an obvious joke.
It wouldn't be right to assume that for a 100 percent the date they gave is the one where the update will take place, but it is very safe to assume that they wouldn't joke about it themselves if the update was farther than 2 weeks or something, so we are in for a very short wait, before fallout xD
I hate to be annoying here, but a couple of days is nothing in game development.

How can you lose faith in just a couple of weeks? Are you just spending all of your time sitting and waiting for a release? If you do, you will be doing this for every coming release: You will always be able to play and finish faster than what a team can develop.

If you want to do something right, you don't just throw code and assets into the game and release it. Bare Mettle are doing it very right, in my opinion.
Calmness. :p

Nobody is losing faith or hating on them for taking some time. Though I will say, it's well past a month now, so you can't honestly be surprised people are wanting.

I don't mind if they take their time- I guess I just want more insight into the development itself. It does feel very... empty, from the outside.
Compare and contrast to how KSP handles communicating progress to players via their DevNote Tuesdays: http://kerbaldevteam.tumblr.com/

Maybe I'm spoiled, but that is how I would like developers of Early Access games to communicate (KSP is no longer EA, but they did exactly the same thing during pretty much the whole development process).


Well, it appears the statistical approach to determining the release date failed. (My guess was wrong)

Let's hold our thumbs for tomorrow!


Aha! Then I successfully predicted Madoc's return to the forum! (after his absence the last weeks)

The power of statistics! ... Sort of!


The update is coming soon and we are blessed to be bestowed these 2 long posts lately on the steam forums describing many things among the dev team's thought process and everything that has happened since their numerous attempts at releasing this update.

As I understand they have released a very juicy picture, but I have not and will not fall to the spoilering, I've waited so far and I will keep on this last stretch, seeing as this dev team is amazing and delivering incredible updates, Madoc plus his team you are truly committed and doing an excellent job at building on this wonderful base, the engine of SG

Thank you, devs


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