why the fuck is there perma death in arena game mode, i demand your reasoning for this archaic gaming element nobody fucking likes. Why should i even bother ever coming back to this game if the total hours spent questing for gear then losing it forever, in "PVE" outweigh the hours i had exploring your shitty castle and having some incling of fun EVEN CAMPAIGN HAS CHECKPOINTS. Please update your "Early Access" piece of shit with developer mode at least so none of us have to go through losing a 4 day old account with shit tons of loot and money. do you know how heart wrenching that shit is, finding out all this fucking time was wasted when i cant even enjoy some arena pve after work anymore i cant even open the game anymore without getting pissed at you guys. ITS A GOOD GAME TAKE OFF ARENA PERMADEATH IDIOTS!!!!!
Would dark souls be better if you lost all your items every time you died?! Please at least explain why you would keep such a game mechanic it just boggles my mind thinking how many dissapointed gamers had to go through losing their arena chars


OP, I understand your frustration. I even think it's justified. In its current form, this mechanic makes no sense, has barely any added value and causes a lot of frustration and confusion. There's no proper warning either.

The only good justification I can think of is that it will make sense when new features are added. At some point later in development, taking risks with your Main arena character will have special payouts, like extra prestige/reputation (a feature to be added) or extra money.

The suggestions offered above are band-aid for a gaping wound.


I love this aspect of the arena.

I've lost four pit bosses. I'll never forget the first time was an absolute shock.

I was so pissed, I started a one man fight club and took him from inept to master in a weekend.

Because I wanted to prove to myself that I could.

Very intense gameplay all because of permadeath.

When this game kills my toon it says: "You got sloppy and now your guild leader is dead and so is all his crew. You can do better can't you?"


[..] i demand your reasoning for this archaic gaming element nobody fucking likes. [..]
The main issue is that you fail to understand that people have different preferences. As you can see from the comments above, there ARE people who like it, and you are simply not one of them. Bare Mettle is here to make a game that they enjoy playing too. It is their opinion that there are too many similar games out there and they are trying to be different. If you don't like it, go play something else instead of asking them to change.

But based on the rest of your post, I'm going to assume you are someone who gets angry at anything he doesn't like, even this reply.
So: Good day, sir!


Perma death is part of the game. It adds tension like @crashingtingler said.
And is perfect when you take a severe hit in the head, you just die, and it would be very weird to recover from those kind of hits ! :)
You just learned the hard way, are you going to play the same and endanger your leader, next time ? Probably not ;)
Once I lost a team of masters and what was like one month play. Now I'm more cautious.
I only played with my recruits until I had enough money to give the best gear to my leader, and then I started to level him up. I still went close to death several times.
When you reach expert or master level, and that you equip the best armors you are almost invincible for now. You'll take mostly stamina ( yellow ) damage.


No1 was arguing about permadeath in Mario game, you just shut your mouth, begin from the very beginning and...
Nice expression, dude, your energy should be used on levelling up your skills in this game.
Also great comments, mates! It was really enjoyable to read again all damn-old-good-known suggestions.
Well, I'm late so there's not so much to add... so cheer up, people - it's Friday, wohooo!


While I do like permadeath in some games, it is nowhere near a feature in the arena mode. It's a early-game/low-tier issue, which makes absolutely no sense at all. The permadeath is irrelevant once you get good gear and play on "harder" tiers. It's mainly a balance issue, but the permadeath adds nothing at the moment.

It has alot of improvement required to be called a "system", it's early access though, so the op's rage is silly and should be a suggestion instead.


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