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    Exanima Combat Movement Changes

    I'd like the movement changes to be toggle-able if that's ok. Where before I was circling people in the arena, sidestepping their swings, I'm now lurching all over the place. I feel like I'm drunk!
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    Improvised Weapons?

    This thread needs an animated gif of the player knocking someone over by pushing a barrell.
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    Another vote in favor of this move and the transparency it represents. Keep making the game you want to play.
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    A vibrant subreddit would probably bring many more contributors to the game. Look at how active the starcitizen subreddit is. Of course RSI had more cash initially, already being veterans in the field, and have been regularly releasing content of all types to fuel excitement about the project...
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    Development update #1

    The stills look great. Will you release a new video showcasing the new features?


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