A Quick Update


At the moment we're working hard to get everything packed up and presentable for players and distribution. This involves many things such as compatibility, finalising distributed file formats and file structures, menus, character creation, splash screens, in game music etc. and generally cleaning everything up as we're coming from a development-tools-and-game-in-one setup. This doesn't seem very exciting but for us seeing it all put together and presented as an actual game really is. Some of these things are very important and we have to make sure we do them right, changing our file formats later when we've finalised a lot of content could be a problem, for example.

After announcing the postponement of the game we felt we had breathing room to develop some important features and improvements that we couldn't be sure we'd have the time to add and are better done sooner than later. Because we weren't sure we'd be able to add some of these features we've never really promised them or been specific about them. We've been wanting to make a development video or two about these new features but we're not finding the time to do this with getting a first build out of the office. We will make some new videos to go into more depth about these things but here's a quick breakdown of some of the more important improvements and features:

  • Procedural materials for apparel that allow items to be made from different fabrics and other materials, possess unique variations, be dyed in different colours and have dynamic dirt and wear. This allows for endless unique looking items, greater customisation options and many implications for gameplay and AI.
  • Procedural character texturing that allows us to add more unique detail and effects to our characters.
  • Finalised and improved models for both genders and all physiques taking advantage of new features.
  • Complete overhaul of sounds.
  • Reworked post-processing for a more vibrant overall apperance.
  • Torches! These work as dynamic lights with new dynamic fire effects, you can grab them off walls and even use them as weapons.
  • Various animation and combat fixes, including one that caused a perpetual swinging/swaying motion that gave characters a "puppets on string" feel.

We're still aiming to release a first playable version by the end of the month. This very first version won't be the prelude as such as there's still a few things we need to finalise to get the content working properly. You will be able to try out character creation and combat against a number of opponents and with different gear. Once this first version is out we will be rapidly releasing new more richly featured versions. We look forward to getting your feedback about it all!


Bare Mettle


Thanks for the great quick update, this is really good news!

I was totally prepared for a couple weeks of delay for the first playable alpha build, but I'm really glad to hear it's still planned to be coming by the end of the month. Don't worry about not having the time to put out an edited video going over what's going on. Written updates are good enough and getting a playable alpha version of the game to backers is much more important!

The list of new improvements all sound pretty good. The procedural generation and reworking of all game sounds are especially appealing. Can't wait for the alpha build! :D


This is the way! :)

I'm very happy with these news, thank you for the update. I'm rather shocked at the new features you're able to implement - in a good way!

Regarding the very first alpha build, you needn't worry for updating my own game; I'll be giggling all night for a month as I swing my weapon back and forth :D


Great, you have my love on this guys :) My friends and I are very excited.

PD: ¿What BareMettle really means?


It's like the BM team knows exactly when to post the next update every time. Every time I re-read through the current and planned features it's like it's too good to be true.

On that note, if a game review website grabs the first not-even-prelude alpha build and mentions anything about 'lack of content' I am going to be very, very disappointed in that website.

If I had to guess, it's going to happen anyway and Kotaku's going to do it. Either that, or they advertise it as a 'Hilarious Physics-Based Combat Simulator', disregard all potential and call it a day.


This update is great news! As always, I am very impressed with Baremettle's drive and ability to get things done. I think all the new features added sound great, I'm especially interested in the procedural textures, they sound like they will add a ton of variety and replayability, and really make each game feel unique and exciting in a way. Keep up the good work and thanks for the update!
Hnngg...Must wait until Beta prelude releases!

Awesome news though. I'm hyped.

Actually. The thing where Madoc talks about a ladder in some other point has gotten me more excited than a lot of games that have come out over the last 3 years lol.


Thanks for taking the time to give us this update; that list of new features/improvements is quite impressive!

Good luck getting everything ready for the alpha. We're all looking forward to it, whenever its finished.


Oh, man, torches sound pretty awesome for atmosphere and whatnot. Will hitting enemies with the torch enough times will light them on fire and cause painful fiery death?

Also, since this first alpha release will be a little combat test we can play around with, I was wondering, where exactly is this combat test going to be set in? Are we going to be given a small choice of different environments to spawn into and muck about in, or is it just one large area of the main map that we can nosey around and look at, whilst occasionally spawning enemies to fight?

Either way, I can't wait for the end of the month! I'm so dang happy right now! :D


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