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We released as soon as we could, and we promised more updates soon. This update includes the second outdoor arena and various improvements that didn't quite make it into More is on the way.

We've made some changes to how characters tense their arm muscles during attacks. This was done in response to some long standing concerns about attacks being weak and difficult to control under some conditions. The change has corrected these issues and made swings generally faster and more predictable. It has been in beta testing with very positive feedback so far, but may still require some balancing.

Changelog from to
  • New outdoor arena: The Maw

  • Increased the strength characters put into attacks

  • First functional cloth physics

  • Wind effects

  • Sandals added, four different pairs

  • Made shields a less popular choice for NPCs

  • Fixed a bug giving some containers a very low capacity

  • Fixed various terrain rendering issues on Intel HD Graphics

  • Fixed lacquered metal rendering (only new items for now)

  • Rolled back to non adaptive VSync for non Nvidia hardware

  • Various fixes and tweaks

Head over to the account page to download it.


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I was playng a little bit in the new map, in elimination, sometimes when I respawn my character fall to the floor or the NPC controled by the AI.
Sorry for my english.


Goddammit, you're really not making it easy for me to concentrate on my work, Madoc. I'm already behind schedule!

Ah, what the hell. Just five minutes...

Edit: But it still just shows to download?
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I was just about to make a thread wondering where all these goodies came from.

im experiencing some slow motion while in the maw, especially while zoomed out.


Absolutely perfect timing for my all-nighter! Massive cheers Madoc, this game is shaping up to be a true masterpiece. Stay true to your vision!
Great work!

It looks amazing. I cant wait to be able to play it and check the new content and tweaks.

Please do not forget GOG community.;)


I mentioned something about this on the last thread but would it be possible to be able to select which arena you use for the practice arena mode?

I would also like a slider to adjust mouse sensitivity in the controls settings...
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Just tried this new update and I have to say...The two handed sword vs two handed sword fights are BEASTLY


Alright, this might sound silly, but it looks like overall skin color is a bit darker in the new patch, when you set the skin color to the whitest parameter, it still looks kind of dark, don't know if it's intentional or a bug, just wanted to notify


Here I'm gonna comment on both and

So, outdoor arenas are AMAZING!

Combat seems to be more fluid, though it may be just a placebo effect, but who knows...

Unfortunately, there's also something strange going on...
Recently, I bought a new notebook - much better one than what I had before.

My previous notebook specs:
- Intel i3
- 3 GB RAM
- ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series

My new notebook specs:
- Intel i3 6100U
- 8 GB RAM
- Intel HD Graphics 520

So, the point is that every single game runs much better/smoother on my new notebook... except "Exanima". Sadly, it runs even worse. update didn't help either :( I've got 60 FPS only in arenas. In arena hub location and story mode it's about 30 FPS with screen stuttering every few seconds. This stuttering was nowhere to be found while playing on my previous notebook.
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