Exanima Beta Released - NDA Lifted



We call it a beta but really this is more indicative of what tier of backer has access to it than anything else. We've reached a level of quality and functionality that we're happy with, we've used our alpha testing period to refine core gameplay and weed out all the bugs we could find. Exanima is a prelude to a game that is still in development and our focus has been on getting the most fundamental things right and solve any issues before we start piling on more features.

The purpose of Exanima is to give all of you something to play and provide feeback on as we complete development of Sui Generis. It is also designed as a standalone game that we can release to raise further funds for the final stretch of development. It is designed as a slice of Sui Generis. It is set in the same world some 20 years earlier, it tries to convey the existence of this world beyond it and the events taking place at this time are of some importance. You could see Exanima as what a long trip into the underworld in Sui Generis might be like, we have been faithful to it in every regard.

Despite all of this it is important to remember that while Exanima could be seen as a slice of SG as an actual game it doesn't have much in common with it. It's made from the same ingredients but follows a completely different recipe. More importantly we've prepared the finest dough and baked it to perfection but we're still adding the final icing that will make it taste delicious.

Given the kind of criticism we've been subject to in the past this could be considered risky. We've been accused of focusing too much on technology and not enough on the game, an accusation that frankly we consider utterly ridiculous. In order to make exactly the game we wanted we had to develop all the technology, games are made with technology and it's all about the game. This means a lot of very large scale development goals are the reality we are confronted with. Implementing the complete gameplay front-end to this is hugely important, perhaps more important than anything else but considering what we actually had to do and implement, it is trivial. We're not saying the design of the gameplay is trivial, only its implementation.

We are as you know including all the trappings of an RPG, it is a genre that we love, we are crystal clear on what we want here and it's something we take very seriously. But we've often described ours as "world first design", what we want above all else is a world that feels real and is incredibly dynamic with an unprecedented potential for emergent behaviour. This includes complete interactivity, realistic and functional behaviours, meaning attributed to every single thing, AI making real decisions rather than following rigid scripts, physics, lighting and basically just everything being part of a real functional world rather than being symbolic of it.

So, while we hope that Exanima succeeds in conveying at least the spirit of SG please bear in mind that it is far from feature complete, there are many details and big gameplay features still missing that are hugely important to your enjoyment of the game. Despite this the game does already provide a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. More features will be coming in fast, just in the past two weeks we've added a really large amount of new and important content and features and made countless improvements. Expect the game to improve dramatically in the near future. We've been battling giants all this time and now we're just breezing through development.

In past updates we've also talked about the care we were putting into many things such as interaction, animation, the inventory system, sound, combat AI, pathfinding and many other things. Now you can see how serious we are about doing all these things right. It's easy not to notice these things but that means we've done our job well.

Finally, please note that the game has a very steep learning curve and does not yet include a tutorial. Be sure to read the user guide accessible from the main menu, experiment with the game and learn to play it. There's a lot to the game that is not immediately obvious so take your time in discovering it.


We've put a quick gameplay video up so you can all see some of the game in action. This is not a trailer intended to demonstrate features but just something to give you some idea of its current state. The footage is actually a bit out of date, but you should be seeing more recent and complete videos from players as this version is not under NDA.

To download your copy of the Exanima beta use the following link:



Bare Mettle


Wow! The music! And the video really is a huge improvement over the ones previously released!
Hats off to Baremettle!
I am much less impressed by it. It might be a good gameplay footage, but it's too long for a trailer and is not showing condensed information about what features are currently in game. Additionally I couldn't find it until I thought about checking out the main page for media, and then again Exanima didn't stand out. I doubt many people will find Exanima unless they are constantly watching the developer's site.
Really cool, I really hope you will have the success you deserve !

You did not mention "Sui Generis" at all but Examina only, is it normal ? It would have been great, when searching for Sui Generis on Youtube to find your Examina video.


How much of a game is there in this Beta? I mean is there a story? How many levels of dungeons?
For what I discovered there is two vast "levels". But I didn't even met these skeletons yet so I don't know ;)
It's already a really big place.


How much of a game is there in this Beta? I mean is there a story? How many levels of dungeons?
There is definitively a story here, but its delivered through books and parchements you find, and your observations of the environment around you. Having no context to all of this, its up to you to piece together the story and find out whats going on. A lot of speculations are sure to occur. Its a lot like the Souls series in that manner. What you find here is really interesting actually, and good reads.

The length of the Beta in its current state wil vary greatly between players, depending on skill level and whether you have played the previous areas of the dungeon or not before. It will take you several hours though, thats for sure. Its a pretty vast place.


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