Exanima gaining traction!

Don Kanaille

Some news by the German PC Games.

I also recommended this game to Skallagrim, he said it looks interesting.

Exanima is really not the kind of game you want to make a blind lets play of. The game is just too different to jump right in... as we all know. Watching someone play with zero prior knowledge or experience is painful^^
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Rock Paper Shotgun did a review: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/05/04/exanima-review-beta/

The guy didn't get very far, but sounds like he had fun. (Some idiots in the comments who seem opposed to the idea of the devs making money.)
Oh wow! She kind of write another parallel hidden article in the picture captions (hover your mouse over the pictures).

Booyah! Who’s got a low centre of gravity now, dickhead?

He is hilarious and a history teller, i love this one xD
I don't know. It really annoyed me that he missed chests and items, and didn't even look at half the items that he could have equipped.
I have refused to watch reviews, cuz most of them play the game wrong and blame their mishaps on the system, they also don't explore properly, so it is just annoying. I think maybe I should record a new gameplay with commentary or simply upload the one I did with the background noise,ut was quite good.


I think this game is hard for people to review - as a game. To me, Exanima (and what will be Sui Generis) is more of an invention. Something we didn't know we needed - and some people still don't need it. But for me personally, the rest of the games out there seem kinda bland after having played this for a few hours.
All this talk about reviews? Most of these videos aren't reviews. They are just first impressions. Even the RPS article isn't a review.


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