Regarding Level 4


Spoilers, obviously

Has anyone found out how to get to the other side of the gate we see in the beginning?

Has anyone tried jumping in the pit?


Regarding the other side of that gate, I have a feeling that we will become intimately familiar with, however, we will not be going there of our own accord.

As for the bracelet, it's very hand but it does have a cool down time, course if you are fighting Sir it isn't that handy, but oh well.


Double checked even with low stamina - nothing happens.
Can you plz record video to show how it should work?


Had it work on my stream yesterday as well, get to a certain point on your stamina, there is a buzz/crackle, and you regain about 35-50% of stamina, then there is a cool down period before it happens again. Again, not very useful if you are fighting sir or multiple opponents.


I don't know, one of my tries to take down sir (unsuccesful might I add), he knocked me down to the ground with like 1/5 hp left and the bracelet healed me pretty quickly to almost full (I think). Still got my ass knocked to the ground again and again. I'm not skilled enough to kill it with a sword.
Eventually I'll get around to wasting time and trying to climb over that gate. It's probably just a hallway that goes into nothing.
I know that I'm not the only that already killed Sir (why sir?) but I want to see if you guys had the same idea. I found it easy - after think a little how to beat it.

Sorry for quality (just mute sound) and for my bad english.


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