RuneScape with Exanima/Sui Generis like combat

Was playing and the looking down camera view reminded me of RuneScape, then I thought it would be really cool to have a RuneScape like MMORPG with a well developed version of Exanima's physics based combat system.

The main technical hurdle would be getting the physics to work on a server with hundreds of thousands or even millions of players with all the physical collisions. This is already difficult enough just with a few players. But internet speeds are far higher than in the past, and only getting better. And perhaps this technical problem will be solved. And I realized if the development team could solve this issue. They could easily create one of the most popular MMO's of all time.

I suspect the head developer is forward thinking and he's probably already considering the implications of how recent advances and continuing advances in AI would affect the game as well. You can truly take the combat to new heights with for example AI that has learned to fully control the physical bodies within the game. All the way down to small limbs such as the fingers. And just like what we are already doing now in the game. We don't actually control the character, we simply give commands to the AI controlling the character, and it tries to figure out what we want and accomplish that action. With deep learning we can truly take that to a new level. And the walking and overall movement will look incredibly organic and realistic.

I'm a Machine Intelligence Research Scientist for Vector Space Biosciences, so if the team is also interested in discussing more ideas on how to implement AI into their game. I'd be happy to discuss, just send me a message.


Everybody gotta come into the forums and dump their own dumb ideas. Go play an MMO if you wanna play an MMO, let the devs live. Everybody and their cousin wants them to turn this game into the physics brawler version of their favorite game. Multiplayer might happen, not even a guarantee. It's not internet speeds that are the issue it's latency and how the characters counter and react to one another's attacks. If you want an AI generated physics MMO, no one is stopping you from doing that


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