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Here are some possible T-shirt designs, courtesy of our backer Peter - Ziegenpeter otG.

We thought we'd run a poll and see which ones you like best. Feel free to also give feedback as to colours or anything else. We can make changes based on your feedback.

We're also considering hoodies. We want a BME hoodie for ourselves!

Sui Generis Design 1:

Sui Generis Design 2:

Sui Generis Revolution:

Bare Mettle:


All look good to me!

Feel free to also give feedback as to colours or anything else.
Given the spirit of Sui Generis, I vote for them being etched into leather armour. However, if that's too much of a stretch, the next best thing might be to go for colours that you might expect for in-game garments. Earthy natural pastel colours? Browns, greens, that sort of thing? Just an idea - could be a good one, could be a bad one.
Hi Guys,

This needs to be an Update via KS, because most of us get then a Mail Notification. So far only 6 Votes of 3300 Backers, that means most of the backers did not noticed than. An Update for this please, dont be shy for Updates, it its worth a update :D.

Ive seen much less informative Updates :)
Regarding colored versions, it can depend on the shirt-color, so if you choose e.g. V2 design, the white areas would be the color of the cloth/ shirt. that has the pro that only black color has to be 'printed'.
@genitals: youre right... lol.. i will work on that :D
that ball in the face pic is also a cool motive, maybe i can also get something done in this direction. But time is not the best friend of the project now

the sword in version 1 must also be made as long as in v2
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Have you considered doing alternate colors? I just badly shooped a few to see how they would look and I must say I quite enjoy them.

Teal: http://i.imgur.com/ZDBrs.jpg
Green: http://i.imgur.com/SJgmG.jpg
Red: http://i.imgur.com/NmtJH.jpg
Purple: http://i.imgur.com/VQog5.jpg
Blue: http://i.imgur.com/L9t7h.jpg
i think different colors can be easily made if you choose a colored shirt as base, on which you can print the black stencil

on black shirt you would have to use colors yes.


Here i am !

Backed this awesome game on Kickstarter and i voted the first T-Shirt ! The design and the colour it's just great !

The hoodie / shirt will be available only for some kind of backers, or you guys will put them directly in the Shop here ?!
I like the Sui Generis Revolution one. I like it because it plays on the fact that Sui Generis is making progress in the world of RPG gaming. Maybe you could change the phrasing a bit. The word "Revolution" is so overused.

Sui Generis design 1 is cool too.


I picked the first design but only on a black shirt.

2nd one will look good only on a white shirt

3 and 4 not too big on, maybe have 4 (company name) somewhere on all the shirts but not huge (am not too big on flashing company branding).

also i like "Rob's" idea adding parody shirts would be funny and catchy.

Yeah, or something that captures the crippled pain and dynamics of this picture, but replace the bat with a sword, and the ball with a mace:
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