Unarmed Fighting (and thoughts there of)


I for one and completely for unarmed combat, mostly in a domestic setting in cases of...
  • Brawl - Most notable case being in a tavern before people start pulling out knives.
  • Arena - Such as a one on one duel with a ring of people around you with the goal of hurting instead of killing
  • Flipping a table - Such as when you lose a game of cards or whatever they play followed by a brawl
I love the idea of participating in a bar room brawl in a game with physics as good as this. I wonder how hard it would be to implement the ability to pick up a chair and then use it as an improvised weapon? For bonus awesome also have the chair break and be able to use the chair leg as a club.

With such potential for fun, scope creep must be an incredibly hard thing to resist.

Edit: Just found the thread on improvised weapons, sorry for covering old ground.

Edit 2: If using a chair as a weapon is too tricky, then a good compromise would be to allow you to strike a chair with your fist, break it and use one of it's legs as an improvised weapon.
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I want unarmed combat, for supernatural creatures and everything in between. I think it's a waste not to include some fist fighting and eventually styles of fighting based on attacks. Could open up for some interesting story too, like being infected with werewolf curses or vampirism, or playing as an Orc or monster or something. Attacks for beasts like Dragons! Who knows.... Ghouls as someone else said.

It'd be nice to include mostly grappling and disarming techniques. If disarming is added, which would be nice, unarmed combat could play a role. As well as carrying more than one weapon on you. We could see side arms being added eventually. Or unarmed combat moves such as kicking and choking, who knows.


This would be a ways out if implemented, but I wonder if this engine could handle joint damage? o_O

Warhammer + Leg = Hobbled? (I'm usually the sneaky throat slitting rouge, but my evil side is making me ask these questions. I'm being held against my will. Help. He-)
Spells which only work when you make skin contact with something could make hand to hand a valid style. Punch a dude and his armour melts or something
Ive always wanted to see magic used to amplify hand to hand but ive never seem it done.
I think it would be so cool to duck under a sword swing and then quickly jab or touch his stomach and send him flying. Or send a jolt of electricity through him and watch him fall down, smoking and convulsing.


Shortly: for me it's a must-be in SG. Would be an ideal way of being 100% sure that we'll only beat up our opponent rather than killing him, cause we'd deal only unpermanent damage this way. Probably...


I would love to see unarmed combat implemented. There have been some great points made for and against but unarmed combat would be viable with the use of some sort of grappling.
As for it not making sense against an armored or weapon wielding opponent there would be ways to dmg the opponent given armored gloves or unarmed weapons, not having weapons to weigh you down would make it easier to juke and dodge your opponent and get inside to do damage. Ex. some one misses with a swing you rush in to prevent them from making another strike. Daggers would be a good close combat weapon or any short weapon.
My thoughts


I've put some thought into a layout for unarmed combat;

While defending, have your character attempt to block with their arms, making gauntlets, bracers, and spaulders extremely valuable.

Have the left and right mouse buttons control the left and right fists, a quick click results in a jab and holding the button results in a hook with left shift being a head/body shot modifier.

Press both mouse buttons quickly to shove.

Hold both mouse buttons to attempt a grapple/take down with left shift being an upper body/lower body shoot modifier.

Q for a left kick and E for a right kick. I'm thinking if you're standing still or moving forward they will perform front kicks, and if you're moving left or right attempt a roundhouse kick.

Allow for kicks to be aimed at prone opponents or add stomps for prone opponents.

And some gameplay mechanics I would like to see for combat;

Your armor adds weight to make your strikes do more blunt damage. But if you're fighting an opponent with metal armor you risk doing damage to yourself when striking the plates. Which makes using a weapon important in certain fights (fighting skeletons unarmed will be less effective as there aren't any internal organs to damage etc.).

I would also like to see some form of limb damage, a limb should only be severed if the hit results in a kill. Nothing that would hobble your character making it impossible to continue, but if a limb is damaged (when an enemy deals red damage) make it weaker. Damaged arm makes attacking/blocking slower and damaged legs makes movements using the damaged leg are slower. Allow for the healing potions to heal damaged limbs.

I absolutely love this game and the fighting mechanics. Keep up the good work guys.
I think the game is difficult as already is without hobbling your character mid fight, it's cool to do it to the npcs but never forget our character is also susceptible to the same rules as npcs. Or imagine multiple enemies converging on you, it will fast become too difficult and I believe the stamina bar serves this purpose without having to handicap your character. I would like dismemberment as finishers though, arms and legs being non lethal so we can later see a bandaged character or a character using one of the crutches. @Madoc I'd like to see you battle that footwork.


Yeah. Madoc has already started he doesn't want combat gated by something like fatigue, the realism gained doesn't equal a better game. And gore/dismemberment, they've already said they want it, but the extend will be how difficult it is to actually put in.


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