Weapons getting stuck.


Okay. So here is an Idea:

What if Weapons could get stuck. Lets say an opponent has a wooden shield and you smack that shield really hard with an axe. Realistically That axe will probably get stuck.

If done right maybe you could pull the shield from the enemy or get your axe free. I do realize this "feature" Would probably not be a good Idea for gameplay sake. But I couldn't help post about it.

What do you guys think?


I think this is a good idea, and I think weapons should get stuck in people, too. I want to impale an enemy and then bobble awkwardly with my sword stuck in his chest and whatnot. You're right, it could be unconvenient gameplay wise, but if it's well made and balanced, it' a nice little touch to add to the gameplay. There could be a skill that lets you unstuck your weapon from your enemy/his shield more easily.
Anyway I might have read somewhere that this is a planned feature, I think the devs want your sword to actually come out at the other end when you stab someone, even though I'm not sure.


Or that other Idea someone had with the combat kick to shove enemies back, Could be combined to get more pulling power to "unstuck" your weapons.
There's quotes somewhere from the devs saying stuff about dismemberment and destructible props, and weapons getting stuck in objects will probably be a part of that. Also kicking will be implemented at some point, but not for a while due to the difficulty in creating a stable animation. The character is barely able to crouch, imagine standing on one leg


When I saw the title of this thread I immediately though of how your weapons(especially long ones) seem to stick to 'magnetic' walls of the dungeon. Its annoying but I like it because it forces the player to keep his weapon holstered thus increasing the tension in exploring the dark abandoned dungeon full of undead.


Weapons already get stuck. Sometimes when you swing weapons near walls they get stuck there for short durations, sometimes the weapons get stuck inside character models etc. but they eventually come out.


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