What Mod Would You Make?


Just about any given Skyrim mod replaces at least something in the game with a naked woman.

To complete the experience, make a mod that turns the combat extremely stale as well. I'm thinking of 15 minutes straight wailing on an unarmored NPC, or a rat.
How is that fun? In fact i would make a mod that is completely the opposite where just by shouting curse words anyone would be defeated and at your mercy.



Have been playing the alpha combat, and it just dawned on me... Blizzard's Diablo. It had that feel to it. I think there also was something about the beginning music. Very grateful type of level design in that game as well, dungeon after dungeon below an old church. Many such assets will already exist natively. Imagine slaying little dæmonic minions and skeletons with your swords, axes, mage spells... Chamber after chamber, level after level, dungeon below dungeon. All this within a world with physical interaction... Fantastic!


Previously, I've had the idea of recreating Conan the Barbarian's Hyborian Age land of Cimmeria. This game would suit perfectly in that setting. Would love to be given the tools to create clothing, armor, managing the physics and weapon handling to suit also these barbarian needs. This idea is to me very inspiring.
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I'm sitting on a beautiful airship model waiting for a game it fits well into, providing the lore allows for it I may see how such heightened physics work out with it. It's a bit more elegant than my Skyrim one so would need an equally beautiful game.


I have a feeling the prelude will be similar to your first idea.
I feel it would suit this game very well. Still, keep in mind that the "Diablo" I'm speaking of refers to a very specific set of aesthetics and lore. You have to experience the original game in particular to see exactly where I'm coming from.

I'm sitting on a beautiful airship model waiting for a game it fits well into, providing the lore allows for it I may see how such heightened physics work out with it.
Sounds... Intriguing. Is it by any chance some form of zeppeliner? :D
Yeah it's another Zepplin, a bit more elegant than my Skyrim one as I mentioned, more of a Rivendell feel to it. If you google my author name 'Deapri' you can see the current project if you are interested.


Yeah it's another Zepplin, a bit more elegant than my Skyrim one as I mentioned, more of a Rivendell feel to it. If you google my author name 'Deapri' you can see the current project if you are interested.
Hahahah, you made the Dev Aveza mod? That's pretty awesome, I was installing a bunch of Skyrim mods the other day and came across it. I was very, very tempted to download it, but I don't use player home mods, unfortunately enough.
It's a bit more than a simple player home, but I don't want to detract from the thread, it is what I would make assuming it fit into the lore... if not well Maybe some dungeon delves. Anything story driven is best left to the original development in my opinion as voices as rarely possible to match flow and quality to add to a game world without in some way breaking immersion. Quality of script has a lot left to be desired for most mods as well... it really depends on what tools will be available.

The AI system amongst others are still in development so it's really just pipe dreams and assumption that anything would even be left to be desired in the game. From what I have seen that is unlikely... I have every faith in the team and while having the modding tools will be fun, I personally don't feel there will be a whole lot of needed improvements.


Well since I love the easy way I would love if a mod is made where the character can wield any weapon including two handed hammers as if it was as light as a wooden broom. Katanas would be nice as well even though it does not fit the setting or the vision the developers have for Sui Generis.
In all honesty Dark souls armor/equipment mods along with their fanasty and magic related stuff, hell just a Dark souls theme game would be glorious in my honest opninon, other than that. just a varation of unqiue weapons such as Scythes, Whips, pickaxe's. be able to use random objects you find in the map as weapons would be pretty neat.


Something involving realistic poisoning. Poison in every game ever makes me a little mad. Stabbed with a poisoned blade? Immediately take some damage, usually not lethal. *Trigger warning/Violence*
Let us examine a real poisoning by blade: You are ambushed by a man hiding in shadow. The rustle of leaves alerts you to his presence moments before his strike would connect. You spin to face the cowardly attacker causing his dagger to spear into your left shoulder, leather and flesh parting like water, stopped only by bone. Pain deadens your left arm as you draw a shortsword with your right, lashing out to connect with air as your opponent leaps back. Your attacker, weaponless and staring down a shortsword, gathers a ball of light and releases it before you can blink. Spots fill your vision after the blinding attack as you hear him run away.

Cursing the man as a coward, you sheath your blade and set about removing the dagger in your shoulder. It takes much grunting and swearing on your part, but you finally manage to extrude the foreign invader and examine it. The blade is poorly made; pitted along the surface, and with a very deep fuller. Tossing the trash aside, you examine the wound it made, and blanch as the sight of bone greets you. Concentrating, you close the wound with some body thaumaturgy, knowing that it will still be sore for several weeks. Drained from both the use of the supernatural and the rapidly fleeting adrenaline rush, you resume your treck towards town.

Aconitine. Root extract of Wolfsbane. Monkshood, Friar's Cap. You know the names. You suddenly understand the purpose of the dagger's bizarre design. The walk had been pleasant enough, despite your shoulder. You don't know how long, (20 minutes, maybe 30?) after your encounter, but you couldn't stop spitting. It was either that or swallow all of it, an idea that for some reason repulsed you. Probably neurotic. Where was I? Right...You vomited shortly after that. Then again. The trembling began, escalating to violent convulsions an hour after you began salivating. You had propped yourself against a tree, or were you on the ground still? You didn't know. You didn't care. You listened, detached, as your heart slowed. Then stopped, the silence deafening, unending.

The assassin walked to his mark and checked his pulse. Dead. Rifling through his clothing, he ripped the necklace from the corpse's neck. It was a family heirloom, and would provide sufficient proof. Still, he briefly wondered if taking an ear would be a good idea. Deciding the jewelry was enough, he left to make his report.


Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode mod that generates a world and then creates a bunch of inhabitants in it and then simulates history over a few hundred years. Then this world is saved and a player can create a character and place it in the world, or take over one of the already existing ones and just play the game.

When the character dies it is dead forever and you can take over or create another character and keep playing. Perhaps you will find your old corpse and take revenge on whatever killed you in your previous life.

Invite your friends for LAN play and explore the world together or separately, you might encounter each other throughout your journeys.

This would be more a world generator than anything else, but I think it would be really cool.


Greetings guys

I rambled just a little bit about modding in Sui Generis on my first post:

Greetings guys, this is my first post!

I found about this exciting project few days ago, and soon enough i realized this not your average RPG, this is something else. After diving into the available information about the game, trying the alpha and beta by myself, and lurking the forum in-depth for technical details i feel compelled to say thanks to the devs for make it possible. Really guys, is not just you are making possible an epic history, a world or a game; i am excited about that all, but on the top of that what i see most valuable is that you are building possibilities. Many of them.

I am talking about the tools i have been able to see and the ones described on the Updates.

  • Editor to make procedural landscape/dugeons, and adding objects dynamically to the maps.
  • Framework to make npc dialogues, activities or behaviors.
  • Framework to make layering outfits.
  • Tool to make "Smart" assets that makes possible for the AI perceive and knows how to use em.
  • Tool to make dynamic music.
  • Dynamic changes on player and NPC appearance and clothing.
  • Dynamic Lighting.
  • Dynamic climate.
  • Dynamic pathfinding.

I understand that for the ones that just want to play the game, the stuff above doesn't tell much to them. But thanks my little experience on making games can realize you are pushing many boundaries here... as an example that i haven't seem mentioned, but that it's quite an achievement: i doubt no one have been able to make dynamic pathfinding before on an open sandbox...?

As a newbie game programer my sincere respects to Madoc for all this. I can see why you are taking the approach of make this powerful tools and framework first: you save a lot of manpower, time and resources, because yours is limited. It perfectly makes sense. People wanting to see result NOW may be growing impatient, but approaching this project with with modularity in mind will also make it quickly scalable with little effort from now on, and will make possible to expand the game with no issues for many many years.

But not only that. This approach open the path for huge modding possibilities... if the team considers releasing said tools at some point.

Personally, over the last years i have choose only playing games that support mods or really open environments that allow some sort of inworld building. It's a requisite for me, because what i value the most about a game i will possibility like is re-playability, and being able to customize it to my tastes. I am not a gamer, playing 20 games each month is not my thing. I rather prefer to find one that i really like and explore and exploit all its possibilities. And again, possibilities is what i see on this game, even if modding is not confirmed i just can see the potential for it.

On few days i have seen on the forum a lot of feedback and suggestion, ideas and that would fit the game perfectly, and i believe it's a natural on a game like this, it's so open that i bet it make imagination run wild everybody with their own concepts, or at least their own little thing or little tweak that would make the game perfect for them. Unluckily it's not possible to make it all this into the official game... But i cannot help but wonder what community would do if they had some tools, even limited, to bring some of those sparks to life. I really like to just think about it.

I totally understand the said on the FAQs. The game have been already postponed, and priorities should be respected in order to make this possible sooner rather that later. Still, i think it would be such a waste not to make the most of what have been done already, that is something really impressive and make possible to add custom armors, custom music, custom lands, custom NPCs, custom quest, custom items with custom properties.... And when the game is out and the pressure is less maybe talk about what else would be possible to add. If you ask me, for me it would be plugins with more realistic game mechanics. I know that's the harder part, but that's what i would like to see someday on Sui Generis: a extremely realistic medieval fantasy sandbox.

Have a good day guys, and keep the good work devs :):)

TL;DR: I am up for as much realism as possible in the game.


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