The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread


Has anyone had any luck using AMD Relive with Exanima? The overlay just doesn't seem to work and there's no icon indicating live replays.
NVIDIA shadowplay wont record it either by default because exanima doesnt take exclusive fullscreen, its only needed for crappy directx. So look for option to "record desktop" in amd soft, thats what nvidia shadowplay needs to record exanima.


Eh I decided to stick with OBS since it seems to be less hassle. In the mean time I thought I'd share some sweet poleaxion:

I had to vertically crop the video since I'm playing on a crappy 5:4 monitor while away from my flat. Also, that heater shield/mace guy was pretty tough, although I'm starting to develop ways of getting past heater shields (not really seen here).


Falling because reasons as allways got stuck under this thing while golem and friend banging

Pushing and dead golem morphs into an infinite texture

Another skele sums to the bang party

Cool stuff, would fall again.


Why Steam forum had become main source of information about the game?
It hasn't. Those were posted in the Beam chat over the course several days, and someone from the beam chat collected them all and posted them in the steam forums afterwards. Tony also posted the latest of those screenshots here in the forums.


To be fair, it does seem that the Steam forums are, de facto, becoming the most up to date source of information for the general public. This is understandable to the extent that those forums attract more traffic than these. I'm not at all a fan of the Steam forums, so I'll keep expressing my hope that all the relevant and interesting information will also continue to be posted here.

@Chase; that link refers to the insider forums, which are inaccessible to the general public.


Same here--not a fan of steam forums. Me like this place. I only occasionally check the steam forums.
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Hey, guys! I just started a YouTube channel last night and I chose to focus on none other than Exanima gameplay for my first string of videos! Check me out at "Shalen Smith" on YouTube or search "Exanima Longsword Arena" there or on Google to find some of my videos! Any views, likes, shares, or subs would be greatly appreciated! For Exanima, Sui Generis, and Bare Mettle!

This was the first video I've ever edited and it seems to be the one that my friends like the most so far. Please let me know what ya think! :)


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