The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread

The beginning of an Exanima series! I find that i do a lot better when recording!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:
More parts will pop up on my channel!
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Nope - there was no set standard angle, length or curve to the blades, because each blacksmith had his own style.
and - as for sickles:
I don't think he was arguing that the size of the ingame sickle is unrealistic. You might wonder what the relevance of the hammer is in his pic... ;)


I did it for science. It is a bit bugged because i dont have proper camera values, so using anything outside meant values makes camera go crazy spinning if you try to adjust it.

Zoomed arena fight

1st video has values you need in description, I used hotkeys to set values to change camera zoom and space to change rotation because my clumsy hack broke camera so that it doesnt change on mouse scroll and goes into crazyspin if you try to adjust it with mouse3 button.
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Why, its terrible for fighting and most things haha. Novelty of it will wear off in minutes.
Yes, I realized it as soon as i started a fight. I could adjust an angle better to see the opponent more, but still vanilla max zoom for fights is perfect for awareness.

My original idea for it was to help with small objects on the floor like keys that were dropped and such and zoom out to help me make a precise map of the floors. While it works with keysearching, the dream to instamap the floor was gone as I realized there was kind of fog-of-war in rooms you aren't currently in.

Knowing all that I would still prefer vanilla zoom allowed such extreme cases.


I haven't tried more zoom as of yet for combat, but currently i wish I could zoom more. Not as close as in the video though.


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