The Exanima Videos & Screenshots Thread


Nice fight, did you win or lose?

Never played with hired allies, i am getting them right now. I just got one nice girl (expert) and dressing her with exceptional.

Can i have more than 1 merchant?


Yes. She was using a lamellar vest, a gambeson, a padded coat, plate arm and shin armor, and a helmet. I intended to switch weapons, and forgot to give her one.


Meet Crixus.
Being a great source of income for the ludus, I just bought him a brand new and polished plate armour, but after we beated an adept beast, we went drunk to celebrate... Wine, mead, hydromel... The party was kind of crazy.
At some point Crixus and Carpropophus had an argument, this last one pretending to have done the most damage to the beast. Witch was hard to determine, considering it was literally hell down there.
Crixus being a very sensible person, he left and we didn't see him again this night.

In the morning we found Crixus sleeping ( or more like in a coma ) under a bridge, partially in the water... He was fine, but see, that's how you ruin a fancy armor.

He pretends to like it tho.

P.s : @Hartigan , I've seen plenty of rusty plate gauntlets, but never once rusty sabatons ! :D
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This hireling is a beast... she even faced the ogre alone and stand against it for really long wow.
Here won a elimination in a blink.

Rekting in expert too

Finally we could kill it...

Thanks to my pro runnin tactic. Datia finished it, that girl rocks ;D

And finally a vid i forgot to upload some time ago

Never trust ladders.
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That was weird... no, I felt my heart freezed for some moment - well, who knows, is this came with the last update?
I don't see any distinctions - only in points... WTF ?!


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